Dan Peterson Mission Statement

The Mission of Dan W. Peterson School: As a team of highly-qualified professionals operating in a transparent partnership with stake holders, our mission is to effectively teach students the state standards to ensure academic success

Student Placement

Placement at Dan Peterson School is determined by IEP teams. For more information on the process, or to schedule a tour, please contact Jill Allgaier at 801-610-8572

Student Check-Out

All students must be checked in and out of school through the front office. It is a district requirement that anyone checking students in or out of school be at least 18 years of age, show a proper photo identification, and be listed on the student emergency contact form. If your student arrives after the busses have come, please check them into the school by signing in through the front office. Please do not take them directly to class. When checking students out, you must work through the front office to ensure student safety. Thank You!

School Dress Code

Please make sure that your students are dressed appropriately for the current weather conditions. Students need to adhere to district dress codes. Short shorts, sleeveless shirts and bare midriffs are prohibited. For more information, refer to your student handbook.

School Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the flagship school in our community for Pre-K through Post-High students and families with diverse exceptionalities. We seek to empower students to achieve elevated academic expectations. Students will learn to live successful, independent lives able to self-advocate and effectively communicate.

Dan Peterson Values

As a faculty and staff, we value: - Student and Professional Growth - Community Engagement - Safe and Nurturing Environment - High Expectations for All Stakeholders - Open and Respectful Communication - Shared Leadership - Individuality and Autonomy - Transparency

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    Placement at Dan Peterson School

    Dan Peterson School is a self-contained special needs school located in Alpine School District. Placement at Dan Peterson is made …

  • First through adult
  • 9:05-2:30
  • Preschool
  • a.m.9:05-11:50/p.m.12:35-2:30
  • Kindergarten
  • a.m. 9:05-11:50/p.m.12:35-2:30
  • First through adult
  • 9:05-3:30
  • AM Preschool/Kindergarten
  • 9:05-11:50
  • PM Preschool/Kindergarten
  • 12:35-3:30

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